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Anyone play a legit game here?


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For starters,  my original account/profile from retail does not let me post in aion classic forums (only) despite having several characters on both servers since July of last year and emailing support to no avail to address my issues. Hence a newer profile and first post here of a character thats on the opposing side.

Really though, as the title says ... the top players of Israphel elyos and asmodian - the names you hear and say "man they hit hard," "they're so fast" "they're good" - no, no they are not. They cheat. They script. They radar hack. They animation hack - one or all of the above. Few of the people left playing are playing the game with enough integrity that if asked to stream their screens and their keyboards they'd have no problem doing so. 


Fushiguro asmodian - AFK in Hoarfrost shelter  (back in December) behind the big tent/tipi in the back of the village, as if trying to hide while afk to collect login awards.  They were rank 1 at the time.  I glided from lepharist area to rocks behind the shelter and sat and watched two individuals for 10 minutes one being Fushi. No movement from them no targeting of me (not in hide because that's not my class).  I attack, but am getting flame caged and erosion from an afk individual. How?  

Here's how:  combat assistant. 

https://www.elitepvpers.com/forum/aion/3865258-paras-script-library-172.html      post #2573

Video of Lunalea selecting a sin in hide 2 (posted last month)

Several ely's I see using animation hacks by dps meter where their server time is faster than it should be. I can post names.

COUNTLESS no name players or players that are renamed again and again that are not seen grinding guards yet in full 40-50e gear with weapon. Sure deava pass once a month at 50k ap. That's going to take months to get if not in the abyss like its a 9-5 job. What about rifting? Well, at the current population of IS that also would take a very long time too. No it's pretty straight forward. It's not legit. 

Being able to reverse shock and cast several skills while pot and auto attack? pff scripts i.e TheFat

Ever notice how player models of others will have their heads turned around 180 degrees as if they are an owl looking behind them? Yeah that's a cheat. If the last NPC/PC they select is behind them and they are facing the other way because they moved away the player's head will rotate this extreme. It's because they have a 360 degree compass enabled whether by console access or cheat program. And let me tell you, MANY people do this. 

Seriously? Can anyone play the game without help? I don't even care about NcWest's incompetence here really. They made so many bad decisions from the get go, like allowing more than 1 client to be open at a time, that it's almost pointless looking to them for help. People can't stand losing and can't play fair.  





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Wait, i just saw my name, you want to say i am hacking? :D

bro i dont even know how to get hacks. maybe its because you lagg or maybe cause i have a 100 ping?


Btw what should i cast as chanter, i only have recovery spell :D

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There are some well known hackers out there and that is why dredge scanning is so common. Same with known extreme AP traders.

If you avoid those few teams you will face plenty of people who play fair, same in the abyss or ground pvp. The one issue you see though is the hackers or AP traders do love to be out and about as much as possible to enjoy trolling others, but that is Aion and until NCwest does something (which is unlikely), it is just the way the game is.

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