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Barantha Dredgion Balance


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Maybe i will just try to make it a topic my english is not the best.

My Latest Dredge today was something that made me really sad. it was 6 to 55 kill win.

Points 3k - to 5k - before: 2k to 10k. 


The enemys started to pull NPC's to us till they saw there is no chance.


We lost 5k points just because we got killed by the mass of NPC's, while enemys accually got Points cause they hit us.

i mean @Kibbelz is a part of the game? enemys can lose us points? bcause of ugly tactics?


Dredge should be fun, it is accually one of the best parts in this game, but we dont get rewarded for our play, no we get tricked and lose points and ap.


Its a simple idea, lower the points we lose from NPC's this has nothing to do with comeback. It's just sad.

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Yep, training the other side is a legitimate Dredge strategy, it's been in the game since it started.

If you can make your opponent loose points the better.

In Chandra Dredge onwards, the winning strategy is keep away from the opponents and do a Captain rush.

Remember Dredge is not about  the stronger team rushing to grief the weaker team from the word go, it's about getting as many points as you can and ending the game.

The more points, the more AP you get.

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Learn the mechanics and then play them as best you can to your advantage. If your opponents only chance to win is to train you, make sure to avoid it as best you can. Kite them until the mobs kill them so you don't get them, insta fear them back into the mobs, ankle snare them, don't leave large amounts of mobs up for them to train on you later, etc. Hell, if you are up 10k to 2k you can probably just afk in spawn and win no matter what they do. It isn't a fun way to end the dredge but if you really want to win you can just do that. 

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