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Free to play, False


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You just have to accept if you want to play Aion classic you are going to have to pay.

Hell the majority of days you end up going negative in terms of funds per day. It is hard to have a proper conversation about the problems in Aion classic because 1 the developers do not care/listen and 2 over 70% actually buy kinah from kinah sellers.

Even if we had a year 10 economist working on the game they would understand that the game world currently does not work and was going to die very fast. The only reason KR is alive is because there are so many bots subscribing people can obtain everything they need at 1/20th of the price we pay for stuff. 

Classic only needs 4 changes to fix the game in terms of making it playable for everyone while still supporting the company but they will never do it because they have no economists working on the game world.

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