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Start selling Dredgion time scrolls


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Now that we have upper fort reset scrolls, there's no reason not to. Ironically, the only instance left in this game that's time locked is also the only interesting piece of content there is.

[Event] Dredgion Time Scroll - item ID 188600088

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Dredge is a joke on the Elyos side., total lack of Asmos.

I sit in QE for an hour and half an don't get in.

If you don't get into dredge in the first 30min of the session, there is a good chance you wont get in at all.

Dredge Time Scrolls might help. Never seen one.


Another dredge session just ended and I didn't get in. Spent 30min in PE, then 78min in QE no luck with either.

So now I turn off my PC and come back tomorrow to try again.


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I can confirm these do exist.  I was in a pug group and dc'ed right when we got to captain.  the group did not wait for me to get back in to finish so I got no ap at all.  I put in a ticket and they sent me a reset scroll to use for an extra dredge.  

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