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Surprise! +100% XP/AP Boost: April 6 – April 27


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  • Aion Team

Greetings Daevas! 

We’re back with another surprisingly surprising surprise EXP/AP event! 🎉 However, unlike last time, we’re changing up the rules to help give you even more time to participate!

EVERY DAY from April 6 to April 27, you will see a +100% boost in Experience Points gained from normal hunts, crafting, and gathering! Then, enjoy an additional (+100%) AP Boost every weekend until April 24!

Gather your crew both new and old and play how you want—level up some alts, take down some bosses—it’s your call! Now get out there and stretch your wings!

Surprise EXP Event Dates:

  1. Begins: April 6 @ 06:30 Server Time
    Ends: April 27 @ 06:30 Server Time

Surprise Weekend AP Boosts: 

  1. Begins: April 8 @ 00:00 Server Time 
    Ends: April 10 @ 23:59 Server Time 
  2. Begins: April 15 @ 00:00 Server Time 
    Ends: April 17 @ 23:59 Server Time
  3. Begins: April 22 @ 00:00 Server Time 
    Ends: April 24 @ 23:59 Server Time 
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@RinI feel like this event doesn't really boost the number of people playing the game that much, outside of dredge and tiak time at night. the exp boost just makes people go play their alts instead.

during the Dungeon Delve event, the game felt like it had much more content and you always had something to run. I think they should be brought back, or at least during day time! so basically 2-10 AM and 2-10PM Dungeon Delve, with double AP at night time for dredges and tiaks. this way both the people who want pve and people who want pvp have the opportunity to do what they like.


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que time is so long when your solo and not to mention the losers don't even get that much when you don't win and everyone knows that other faction will take everything to get the max point while the losers get little for a wasted of time...  I am going to unsub this game as of now too late to gear up.

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