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Advertise please - we need more players


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I really wish that NC would do a bit of a better job at advertising right now. I mean y'all know when 2.0 is coming out and a lot of playerbase is waiting for that to happen.  I've seen the social media posts and honestly they are not Aion's best means of advertising because people that don't even play classic yet alone never have continually dump on the game making it have an even more negative image. 

Right now the game is in a stable state with decent releases that are not broken. We also have pretty decent events that encourage gearing and progression. It probably wouldn't hurt to come flat out and announce 2.0 on X date and here's a string of events on X dates that we want to help the community gear up for. Don't tell us a week or day before that 2.0 is coming out, use the anticipated release to your advantage. You'll get more subscriptions pre-2.0 by doing this.

About the only thing in game that would possibly help besides advertising is raising the drop rates across the board. Private servers do this to help coerce people to play with lower populations. Also, restore the drops in Theobomos and the Asmodian equivalent. Taking gold drops or nerfing drop rates in an end level area is just absurd, we have a population and economy issue.

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The problem is no matter how much they advertise you fail to understand that all the negative social media posts are made almost exclusively due to the community and their playstyle AKA ap trading.

No one is going to pick up Aion just because they see an AD for the game they will check out the game and go OMG the community that plays the game hates it why would i bother. The community is the biggest problem as to why no one plays Aion and it will always be the problem because the community is so small more often than not people have more friends on the other faction than they do have on their own faction which is a super weird dynamic compared to the old days where if they were red/pink/purple they were dead.

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The game is so dead its depressing to do any content you have to recruit for over hour, they need to bring out 2.0 now to try and claw back some of the player base if it stays as dead as it is right now no point in playing and can see myself and other people quitting the game by the end of april. its not fun to play mmo with no people ... 

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I recently came back after a 6 month break and this game is so empty in the leveling zones.I went rifting into asmo side and was lucky even to find a Bot and while we all hate bots i actually view it as a way of gauging activity if Bots arent even being used  then people obviously dont see any point in the game anymore.And i dont condone botting or any form of cheating.

Why are players going to come back or get new ones they are so far behind in terms of gearing, and finding groups for the elthen/heiron campaigns is just painful.Another issue is stigamas/skillbooks even these you cant find anymore compared too 6months ago.

And while double AP weekends help your still looking at grinding 10k+ mobs to even get the 30 Elite set because theres no pvp for lower levels.And still ncsoft have done nothing about the cost of gear you cant have a pvp game when theres nobody in the zones to pvp against and grinding thousands of mobs is not fun.The level 30 gear should be so much lower in cost.

The gear drops are still a issue for people and running instances a 100 times+ to get your Bis weapon is not fun nor is handing over hundreds of millions of kinah.

I dont know when 2.0 is being released it will be interesting to see if theres any improvement but for any new/returning player all the leveling zones are a wasteland with nobody around hardly ideal for a mmo.

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Yes the lower lvl zones are dead because of the increased exp from the campaigns that can get you to 50 in less than a week, the only lower lvls are twinks.

The 30e is a very good starter pvp set at 50 and it's worth while to get and you don't need to try hard for it at all by doing forts, dredge, and tiak this will take about 2 weeks to get the full set, it was harder to get abyss gear post 1.2 with ap gain was 10k ap for 2 to 4 hours of work while now I can get 200k ap a week from lazily doing a dredge and a tiak per day.

Earning kinah is very easy atm if u go to sieges you can  get 4-10m per day by selling gold medals

I agree that the drop rate is terrible mostly for the balic items while I think the drop rate for dp is fine as you don't want everything straight away

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