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@Rin hi. so after reading latest letter from producer i got a question. so you are saying "We are constantly trying to adjust each of these features to be fun and balanced as well" and at same time you just gave paragon 9-10 to p2w people which made them completely unbalanced. why? 

also i like you said you are trying to get closer to Korean servers, where btw +10 paragon was in free event. i hope that what u mean. :) thank you 

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Paragon event is shitty + they make ancient new contracts so impossible . Tons of players quit massively and I hope you can notice what have you done by pushing every month to make pay to win players imbalance the game , free to play lost the last finger holding on to this game and just fall into the pit dragging the fun out of the pay to win players so they have no choice to also just quit and stop buying your stuffs , you can notice the big difference when you 1st release this transformation contracts at BCM . You made a survey on what event will be putted next but nobody knows it will be pay to win stuff. 

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Our problem is that all of these items are not easily accessible inside the game just by playing it, some are not even accessible at all. The only way to get those items is through pay to win, and this is what causes the imbalance and drop of actual players.

The company earns money and they call it a success, pay to win gamers get what they want and they call it a success, but everyone forgets that the game is mostly kept alive by normal players that are the punch bags and walking dummies for everyone else.

There are myriads of other games available at the moment which give players a lot of joy so Aion needs to be good if they still want to keep it alive.

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