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Abyssal is not giving shards - Report a bug

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1 hour ago, GenericUser46047 said:

What happens to the Abyssal instance? it only rewards the crystals but not the shards. We need an urgent solution.

Yes it is bugged and it will have to be fixed.

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Hi guys glad to see the thread here i have a ticket atm and have received 2 replies both saying i need to wait, I also have contacted EMPulse I took screenshots verifying that the loot shown at the end does not show the fragments as a reward...Hopefully we can get this fixed soon guys!

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11 minutes ago, Arkaida-KT said:

Hola chicos, me alegro de ver el hilo aquí. Tengo un cajero automático de boletos y he recibido 2 respuestas, ambas diciendo que necesito esperar. También me comuniqué con EMPulse. Tomé capturas de pantalla para verificar que el botín que se muestra al final no muestra los fragmentos como recompensa. ..¡Ojalá podamos arreglar esto pronto, muchachos!

Thanks. I hope they fix it soon. Cheers

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