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Siege on the Asmodian side


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I'd like to ask all a few questions about the siege.

I play as a Asmodians, and I often go to siege, I go alone or with my friends when they want or are online. But I would like to know why an alliance is not made for the siege?

From what I can understand this content is made to be played by the game community as a group, but what I see are people running to break gates and focused only on eliminating the boss.

Why don't Asmos eliminate mobs all the way to Boss? If a player dies in the middle of the way, it is very difficult to get back inside the fort and participate in the siege.

With my friends, we already tried to eliminate the mobs in the middle of the way, but in three or six people it is really difficult to clear the way to the BOSS.

The strangest thing is that I witnessed several times the players ignore the Illusion Gate and the mobs that were healing BOSS. Some ignore even the turret that generates shield on the Boss.

It's really disheartening to participate in sieges. At first, I went to them in order to help the community to capture the forts, now I realize that people go to get AP and medals.

The best equipped players who can transform usually go it alone to get more medals and more AP since they are already the players who have the best equipment and the most AP I don’t understand why they to that.

I don't see it on the Asmos side, an attempt by the most equipped players who can transform, a leadership and sense of community and common purpose. It really is disheartening to go to siege and not be able to work as a team.

These are some of my thoughts on the subject, I hope you guys read and share your opinions.

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2 hours ago, Ontwo said:

Make an alliance and lead it yourself, every player can make a difference.

You already mentioned you have friends that go, why aren't you posting an alliance to LFG? 

Thanks for the reply, Ontwo.

Forming an alliance and trying to make a difference really seems like the right thing to do, I'm going to start doing that. Although I believe that no one will join the alliance because people are only concerned with the amount of AP and medals they will earn and this situation gets worse the higher the player's ranking.

The players on the top of the ranking with transformation who should lead the war but I will listen to your advice and begin to form an alliance for siege.

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It's by design. Like all things in Aion, NCSoft in their wisdom made it a competition where only the best players get more, with a limited number of rewards. Helping others means forfeiting 30k-100k AP and 12m in medals. Yikes.

I think at some point in retail they changed how the rewards work. The result was everyone brought 6+ AFKers to the siege instead. I don't know if they ever got it right.

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