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AP making


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So given that we can make AP could you consider the following

  • Extend the first arena window so we can participate to more arenas
  • open arenas everyday since harmony is now removed
  • run a poll on sieges to see whether you need to adjust the timing based on your remaining player base
  • Possibly bring back the hidden mobs (although they are not supposed to exist in this patch)

Any other suggestion will be well received.

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1) Bring back at least Dredgion for now, any of them. Server too imbalanced for EC/KBF/ID unfortunately, but if they address the balance issue they should bring at least dredgion back - we had that as our only one for years. Dredgion 3 times a day like in the beginning 3pm, 11pm, 3am or something. In the beginning that's how it was and people didn't want to miss it - put Luna in there maybe? idk.

2) Reduce AP cost of -everything- by 50%

3) Sell the Renown AP items again that can then be sold to Lugbug

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17 hours ago, Zappies-DN said:

Aside from Siege and Demaha, we can buy a 1m ap item from Baron Shugo with ~250 event coins. Is a bit of a steep price, but one way to get a bit aside from HM and the others.

No other ideas - I don't think any mobs anywhere give AP, but Arena gives a tiny bit.

The elite mobs in Demaha give like 500AP each (or close) without an AP rune, but that is literally nothing compared to the AP you might need to use it as currency.

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You can sell Hero Coins from Arena of Chaos to Lugbug for 200k AP each, depending on rank and how many times you can do it in a window you can do few million AP a day, but these coins are also needed for other stuff from the NPC and solar weapons if you don't have those already.

But yeah another thing artificially reduced for unknown reason, maybe just instead of making new content, they decide to cut the existing one so people don't really hit the ceiling too fast, but it comes as a massive detriment to new players instead, among all the other things that have been removed and never addressed like Hidden mobs, which also gave good AP.


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