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AP making


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So given that we can make AP could you consider the following

  • Extend the first arena window so we can participate to more arenas
  • open arenas everyday since harmony is now removed
  • run a poll on sieges to see whether you need to adjust the timing based on your remaining player base
  • Possibly bring back the hidden mobs (although they are not supposed to exist in this patch)

Any other suggestion will be well received.

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1) Bring back at least Dredgion for now, any of them. Server too imbalanced for EC/KBF/ID unfortunately, but if they address the balance issue they should bring at least dredgion back - we had that as our only one for years. Dredgion 3 times a day like in the beginning 3pm, 11pm, 3am or something. In the beginning that's how it was and people didn't want to miss it - put Luna in there maybe? idk.

2) Reduce AP cost of -everything- by 50%

3) Sell the Renown AP items again that can then be sold to Lugbug

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