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When i was a young lad i walked 30 minutes to school one way every day.  One day when i was on my way to school about halfway i did come in contact with a "cool cat", it happened to be MY cat.  He was an outside cat who would wonder in and out as he pleased, turns out this time when he wondered out something bad happened, because his corpse laid right there in front of me.  I couldn't pick him up and take him back home to bury him because i was halfway to school and if i'd do that i would be late for class so i just left him there.  The entire day at school all i could think about was my cool cat on the side of the road, praying that his body would still be there on my way back at the end of the day.  Sure enough he was, only he got ran over a couple of times.  I took his corpse back home and buried him in my back yard and said a few words.


RIP Milo #3, you lasted the longest compare to #1 and #2

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