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Lag and big ping all of a sudden lately.


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Anyoen else has more ping and more lag the last month or two?

There used to be a time that with a ping reduction service or a vpn I could play with around 120~140 ping because without I would have like 250 ping. Now I need a service to play with 250~300 ping, without it I might not even be able to play. I am from Europe but whatever other game I ever played I never had such huge ping except for Aion NA.

The thing I noticed is that when I do my aetherhold skill with "advanced volcanic wrath" I previously was able to fire 4x "advanced aether infernos" and now I can do 3 at best, when I did aetherhold with the "Aether Hold" skill I could fire 6x "advanced aether infernos" now I can get 5 if I am lucky and some times 4 if the lag becomes unbearable!

There are times I see myself hitting a shotcut to do a skill and my char will take a whole second before he fires up. My times in crucible go down even though my gear became better the last month.

They must have done something to their ISP to make it cheaper and people that are away from USA witness it more. There is nothing I can compete anymore in this game.


There is literally no Aion for Europeans, they sold Aion EU to a 3rd party company and turned it into yet another private server and we are obliged to either to play with huge ping in a game designed to matter every millisecond.

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I noticed that when I glide and press "forward"  to descend I almost can't turn, glitches throw me to different directions or the direction remains.   I did Episodes in Demaha, "Into the darkness" where I need to glide and descend to the npc giving the quest, there was no other players around, but the descend was awful, throwing me to random sides.  I tried to record  video by FRAPS and it  was disgusting.  When I glided in a windstream in Demaha in Abyssal Dunes FPS strongly dropped  and Aion client crashed.  It had been better before, up to  2-3 months  ago or so.

When I sprint in Pandemonium  to the event place  I almost can't turn even while the bike is on the ground.  My CPU is only slightly busy, why such bad performance?  In some emptier places it's better, the bike can even turn in the air. It seems to have been better the last winter  when  we sprinted down the mountain (!) in Winter Park.

It was better during the Stormwing event this autumn. I could play in 4 sandboxed windows on 1 computer, now I can only open 2 normal windows due to a severe Gameguard. It must less load on the computer  but it's not! Since the implementation of this gameguard function  the performance significantly decreased! When we need to do everyday routine in events it's awful having only 2 windows on 1 computer.  I can't visit all my toons during a day. It's sometimes difficult to even open Aion client due to the error already discussed on this forum (gray-orange window, "Login failed, try again later") .  

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