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Chances to get a +10 snowball?


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Man I swear my stats so far is like 1~1,5% to get a +10 snowball from a +1. I opened like 600 snowballs on my main (the ones that are brokerable) and I got 8x +10 only!

The other days I also got very poor results. I do not remember the chances being so low in the previous years. Top this with the fact we get less snowballs per day and we have less weeks of event.

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22 hours ago, The Secret Cow Level said:

From 2019 snowball event, with the majority of the F2P snowballs contributed by the OP:


So I remember wrongly, maybe because in the previous events we were getting far more snowballs than now so I was more satisfied with the amount of prisms I would get.

The chance is indeed close to 1~1,5% in the end.

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