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Minion Contracts on the BCM


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Not a fan.

With the even momentary addition of Contracts and Minium to the BCM you have widened the gap between regular players, whom populate the world by majority, and the paying players.

I can ensure you once players are hit by the 6k damage nukes made available by max level minions they will look up where the source of damage was and realise the paywall the must overcome to enjoy any sense of accomplishment in PvP.  The monstrous HP bonus is an insurmountable difference, and trying to compete on what is essentially an unfair playing field is far from what people want when they log in. 

Imagine if in WoW the key to success was not the amount of time or effort you put in to playing or learning your class, but by how much tangible funds one could put into the game?

I implore you NCwest to further increase the benefits of the Prestige package (and it's loyalty system) and entice players to pay a regular monthly fee rather than having the ability to spend as much money as they want to get as far ahead as their salary, -not their skill or dedication-, will allow.

While some players might think getting contracts is too hard any other way, they must understand that this was caused by the pay model set up by NCwest, as it is entirely in their control. If for example you were able to participate in 3 separate Crucible Spire instances, and thus obtain 3x the 16 level reward of the Major Minion Contract, by purchasing the prestige package then this would alleviate the lack of availability and also reward players for actually playing.

I just want my opinion to be heard, regardless of the opinions of others.

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I agree that the top damage for the A rank minions is outrageous and it is going to suck when you step into an IDL with all 6 members on the opposing team having them. Will people start checking minions as well as gear? /RecruitGroupMember IDL (must have level 4 rank A minion)?

Hoping we are still a long way off from that.

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8 hours ago, 1s34FD7A-KT said:

Sorry but you can't be taken seriously. You have to open so much contracts just to get an A and then there's the hard task of getting growth energy to upgrade them. Its too hard for anyone, you literally have to paying SO MUCH just to even advance.

You are proving my point by saying that.

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1 hour ago, 1s34FD7A-KT said:

You literally have to pay several hundreds if not thousands. its skewed that only big whales can do this. Why you think it gives so much minium compared to the amount of minion contracts you need.

It's an artificial market created by NC from the beginning. It's like charging hundreds for tomato seeds and then using that as justification for the high price of a tomato. While I don't expect everyone to understand economics, this is basic.

Also, protip: "Literally" is a complete filler word. 

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