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Why We Should Be Naming The New Servers Azphel and Ariel.


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I'm Totes McGotes reposting this from the old forums.  I still think we should use these names and I'm not going to give up without a fight.

Hi, Everybody! (Hi, Dr. Lumin!)

Today I want to talk to y'all about Our History. This is the History of Our People, from the Long Long Ago, The Before Times, and even The Dawn of Existance. 

In the Beginning, There were many servers. In Fact, when Aion first launched in 2009 NCsoft had to open MORE servers because we had multi-hour long waits to login. I know, that's a Shockasaurus Rex to think about, amirite? 

Before Assault on Balaurea (2.0) hit, during 1.9, our populations were flagging and so NCsoft decided to do the Great Merge of 2010. It went like this:

New Siel was created from [Siel, Ariel]
New Vaizel was forged from [Vaizel, Kaisinel, Yustiel, Fregion]
New Israphel was summoned out of [Israphel, Lumiel, Marchutan]
New Zikel blasted into existance from [Zikel, Triniel, Azphel, Meslamtaeda]

"But Lumin," you say "Those aren't the servers we have now!" And you're right. You see, in 2012, during the Great FreeToPlayening, NCsoft performed a single merge, while also making a new server, Kahrun. That merge was:

Tiamat sprang from the rotten corpses of [New Vaizel, New Zikel]

Then as we all know, when Aion returned to Steam (Yes, Returned. I bought my Collector's Edition off of steam in 2009. P.S. HIME WHEN DO I GET ALL MY OLD COLLECTOR'S EDITION AND PET CODES AGAIN) they created Beritra because they figured it was a good idea. Who knew they would be so wrong?

So that brings us to the Nowtimes, in the Now This Momentago, where we have the server list of Siel, Israphel, Kahrun, Tiamat, Beritra. Whew. We've come a long way haven't we? But now there's a new merge on the horizon, and we've been tasked with naming the two unholy abominations that NCsoft will call Servers. And here's what we need to do: 

Azphel Reborn should be created from the merge of [Israphel, Kahrun, Tiamat]. Remember, this new server will actually be composed of: Azphel, Israphel, Lumiel, Marchutan, Vaizel, Kaisinel Yustiel, Fregion, Zikel, Triniel, Meslamtaeda, and Kahrun.

Ariel Reborn should be created from the merge of [Siel, Beritra]. This server is actually composed of : Ariel, Siel, Beritra

To me it makes sense that we go back to the old names. There are two player races. There are two player servers. Let's name them after those most important faction leaders, and let's do it on the servers that each originally contained that first server of that name. I think it would be a nice nod to our shared heritage. 

Azphelumbra and Arieluma, Daevas. Fly High.


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