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Make Aion Classic great again

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Devs in Korea, I know we aren't the target audience.

You still have players, at the moment, who haven't quit.... yet.

Aion Classic is like no other, but...

How long will it take until people get tired of the dangling fake carrot?

Please fix the issues before srsly everyone is gone.

Let's remember and admire the beauty of Aion below.





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I think it says a lot that even with the NA classic server in such a bad state, it's still so active. The game at its core is fantastic and even in 2023 many are interested in it. But just like people are saying in LFG on a daily basis, if the current situation goes on long enough, the server will die. When noone can socket or enchant anything and stigmas are more expensive than eternal gear, at some point people are just going to give up.

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Aion will always have a cult following, I suspect strongly and perhaps unannounced the game mechanic of world drops /coin loot will be fixed. 

The manastone quest guy in Altguard...now...I noticed is hanging his head a little when I walked past, and thinks the world has gone mad...hes getting through three bottles a day now, or so they say...that's self evident...but the warehouse girl tells me ''on good authority'' things will straighten out.

Actually instead of posting here though...there could be repercussions to this: I think players should take it up with the Empyrean Lords, instead of the devs...or perhaps paradigm shift?


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