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New/Returning Player Dissapointment


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I just decided to redownload Aion Classic today and start playing anew after not playing for over a year or so. After over an hour in I began to realize that I was not getting any drops or kinah from any mobs I killed, thinking maybe it's cause I didn't have Siel's Aura I purchased it. But now even with Siel's Aura I still wasn't getting any Kinah or items to drop. Even the Quests in game weren't giving Kinah. I couldn't buy the low level skill books, couldn't use the flight path or teleporters, couldn't buy gear/potions, I literally was stuck.

I ended up reaching out to some friends that still played and they informed me, "Oh yeah, world drops have been broken for a few weeks now...." They had to mail me in-game Kinah just so I could afford to teleport from the newbie zone. 

So here's my question to NCsoft: 

How could you allow this to even happen?!? 

I mean seriously, what kind of business model makes it so it's acceptable to make it so new/returning players can't get any drops/kinah. How do you expect that to be fun for players?

I mean you could of at least sent a login survey or warning players there's a major bug in the game and attach some kinah/starter gear or something to help tie over the players, but instead you just so nothing and do nothing!  I was really hoping NCwest had changed, but after this experience... nope.

P.S.  I sent a support ticket in about this and they just sent the same old copy and paste reply of, "I am forwarding the information that you've provided about this issue to our Quality Assurance Team for investigation. After replicating and confirming the bug, it will be entered into our bug tracking system so that the Development Team can address it. Any updates will be posted on our official forum and/or website." 

But yet there's nothing on the main website, and I went to Announcements on the forums and went all the way back to March 1st and there's nothing about it. 

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5 hours ago, Cyfur said:

A new characted should get enough kinah from quests to get skills and pots up to at least level 40.

By then you should be good enough at gathering and crafting to make sustainable kinah.


They can barely even leave poeta as it is now.

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I did a test today, rolled my first Asmo character on an account which has never played Aion Classic before, no other toons to leverage off.

Getting up to Level 14 was so so, only did the campaign, still had enough kinah to pay for skill books, when I hit level 15 Haramel became available so I did that.

Entered with 5k kinah and finished the run with 87k after handing in the quests. More than enough to pay for skill books up to Level 19 and get a level of cube upgrade.

I noticed the open world drops were terrible, but in the instance they were fine, almost ever mob drops a little kinah which adds up.

The thing to remember is skill books are dirt cheap for the first 30 or so levels.



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Drops are broken in starter zones too, but don't exaggerate. Like Cyfur said, you can easily afford low level stuff off quest rewards and Haramel. If you can't port out of Poeta, you have been skipping content. Same for if you can't afford skill books in Verteron. Play your quests and you'll be fine for a long time, even if nothing drops.

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