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Pvp instances (A dred, kamar, etc)


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It's so irritating when you actually want to just Que into these places and win but people just afk the whole run. I know people always say to form your own group and go in but meh. Would be great if something was actually implemented into the game where if you don't attack or kill something with in 5 minutes or so they are kicked from the instance with no rewards. Hell I would make it 2 minutes >.> OR just put in an option for afk runs -_- 

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Well, here is problem with that:

    1) Kick players who do not kill something:

What if a team rushes straight to the other team's spawn point and locks them from killing any mob, or object that rewards points? They would get kicked with no reward, only a literally wasted entry, because the other team decided to abuse, or rather exploit, the nyerk out of this feature. Some would argue "But, if they cant killz de otter te@m, dey shouldnt wiiiin, looooool", but if that was true and intended, battlegrounds would not be rewarding stuff for losing teams at all. And to counter that even more, queuing up is random (at least in normal battlegrounds), and as such you should not be radically punished for being paired against a far more powerful group.

Or rather, even if the opposing team chooses not to use this strategy, this is still ridiculously easy to exploit. Just go out, kill a single mob and then go AFK. More so, imagine most group did this. If they counted individual kills, what would determine when more than one person kills the same mob? The one who did the most damage, the one who did the last hit? You would be favouring burst classes, or SMs, or dual wielders. On top of that, there is a limited amount of mobs in instances (except maybe for IWW). You would counter this this with only considering key mobs (not trash mobs), but that would be even worse in terms of numbers.

    2) Kick players who do not attack something:

You are screwing up healers greatly here. And dont dare mentioning the extremely iffy contribution system. How many times I have been stuck in IDL healing my group and getting zero points at the end. There are sometimes no time to just untarget someone under attack who you are healing and redirect your attention to launching your attack to another player. So, yes, this would be rather unfair. You could make it so that using any skill gives you contribution but... yes...

    3) Let players choose who to kick: (I know you didnt mean this, but this is certainly going to pop up eventually in this thread)

Just look at how Dredgion Defense, Evergale Canyon and the Coalition system turned out...


So, to sum up, any automated way to determine whether someone is AFK or not and kicking players based on that will end up in being an additional layer of things to do before going AFK easily exploitable by the other team as well as those on your own team or an extremely unfair set up that will deter anyone from doing battlegrounds. In the end, I believe we are all better off sticking to this set up, and consider this a non-issue that does not need retouching. By going Quick Queue, you are agreeing to just accept whatever teammates you get. And, as we have said this several times in the past, if you despise AFK people, go for a premade. Not sure how that is "meh" at all. :P Basically, you are saying "I cannot be bothered to prevent my group from getting AFKs, but I dont like them, therefore I want them gone anyway".

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