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Classic Server Maintenance - October 24, 2023 (2.8 VERSUS UPDATE)


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  • Aion Team

Classic Server - 10/24/2023 Maintenance

3:00 PM PDT. See your time zone here: https://everytimezone.com/s/dae5c9bb

Estimated Downtime:
~5 hours 30 minutes


  • 2.8 VERSUS Update
  • Mysterious/Brilliant Lockbox Season 2 Begins
    • Lockbox and Lockbox Key Item Deletion - November 7 
    • We're delaying the item deletion date to provide players with time to utilize any remaining Lockbox and Lockbox Key items.
      • Mysterious Lockbox
      • Mysterious Lockbox Key
      • Brilliant Lockbox
      • Brilliant Lockbox Key
  • Daeva's Support Event Begins
    • Duration: October 24 - November 14
  • Beginner Special Bundle Promo Begins
    • Duration: October 24 - November 7
  • Aion Classic Autumn Festival Event Begins
    • Duration: October 24 - November 14
  • Harvest Revel Transformation Candies Promo Begins
    • Duration: October 24 - November 7
  • Store Update: Luminaire Masquerade Promo Begins
    • Duration: October 24 - November 7
  • Daeva's Pass - Season 30 Begins
    • Duration: October 24 - November 21
    • Season Ends: November 19
  • Daeva's Pass - Season 29 Ends
  • Battlefield Support Ends
  • Enchantment Stone Bundle Promo Ends
  • Wardrobe Slot Expansion & Outfit Sale Ends
  • Empyrean Lord's Agent Battle Drop Double Boost Ends
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  • Roseae changed the title to Classic Server Maintenance - October 24, 2023 (2.8 VERSUS UPDATE)

Hi Roseae

Can we expect any additional communication from NCSoft with the 2.8 update hitting? Its been several months since Wisp appeared, and he  appears to have dissipated again as well with his promises of *increased communication* going with him. Alot of people love this game but hate the way you guys run it, based on how pretty much none of our concerns / problems are ever actually considered in your decisions.

2.8 is probably your guys' last chance to have any form of population above 500 players (at peak agent battle), which i assume is about how much is needed to sustain a server. I think it would be a really great idea for you guys to actually pay attention to your paying customers for once and maybe start at least responding to our support tickets with less then an automated response.

Half the events you describe as *ending* never even start, such as the kinah event that you never gave us back (remember when you messed up a week and didn't give it to us, promised us it next week, then forgot it again?) , and we don't even know if the Agent Battle Drop Boost worked because we have no other conditions for the agent corpse being lootable to compare it to.

I say this as someone who has said *nyerk it i'm quitting* more times then i can count and then continued to play this terrible game, I really think 2.8 is the final chance for many of us here. If you guys make the game even more P2W, even more based on a version of the game with a higher population, and continue to ignore the incredibly passionate, downright insane player base that continues to support you, we will not see 3.0 or 2.9 on this server. Or I sure as hell won't, along with my massive contribution of 10$ each month.


F-TIer Glad,


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2 hours ago, Zurl said:

You too, that way you can have your drops.

Are YOU still sane?
Which drops in retail? that's just rubbish...
But it's ok, now all can see who's playing with their wallet here...

It's just stupid to demand things that should actually be available in the game in the shop - the "clssic" won't be any better than the current retail!

Edited by Doris
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the should should be viable and doable for every type of player not excluding the ones who play with the wallet for many reasons... so plz give us world drops its just what everyone needs to keep the game going even if bots take benefit its just a question of adaptation in the market

i do not support bots but its a reality that we players cant deal with but take consequences....


Best Regards,


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