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I just started and English speaking legion where anyone can join as long as you are above level 10 (hopefully to avoid gold spammers).

The goal of the legion is somewhere where people can simply join, and be social, that's it.

Because the legion is not in the top 50 AP legions, it doesn't appear in the list of legions when you press "G", hence most people wouldn't know there exists a legion they can join now, ( a serious limitation that encouraged me to make this forum post). 

So you have to press "G" and type FLUX into the search field to find it, then click the Join Now button.

See you there.



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On 12/30/2023 at 1:48 PM, Cyfur said:

Nobody joined in a month, I have disbanded the legion.

I think that Siel is mostly Latino, so an English legion not as attractive.

Going to find another game.

So long.

That will be because the portion of English speaking players has dropped right off since Classic launched, which is kind of funny considering it's an North American server.  I would suggest Guildwars 2 if you want a functional tribe to hang out with. Legions in Aion are exclusive not inclusive.

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