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Newbie guide?


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Hi all,

I'm a brand new player, only started trying out this game yesterday. I'm hoping you guys can give me a little guidance.  I did the initial quests and at like level 10 regained my memory and got a bunch of powerful equipment and my wings so I can fly. My problem now is I don't know where to go or what to do. I am killing stuff that is far above my level (and am now lv 20),but the quests rewards I'm coming across for my level all seem to be downgrades to the pile of equipment I got from the ascension quest. I am currently in Theobomos killing zombies, but haven't found any quests to do there. Are there any dungeons or missions I can do for upgrades? Any advice in general?





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Welcome to the game, fellow chanter~ <3

Yes, all of the gear you will receive from quests until level 66 will be crap compared to the free gear you got at level 10; you will also receive another high-powered set of gear at level 55. These gears are meant to carry you until endgame starts (level 66). Unfortunately, it takes a bit of the challenge out of things because you can kill things so easily. For the crap gears you get from quests, just sell them and keep saving up kinah. Once you hit level 66, you're going to need kinah, kinah, and more kinah. In other words, you do not need to worry about buying any gear until level 66.

Regarding quests, make sure you have low levels quests turned on. To do this, press O (to see options), then click Interface, then check the box for Display Low Level Quests. Note that some quests will not become visible until you are at their level. Keep doing quests until you reach level 25. Then you can do the instance called Nochsana Training Camp, commonly referred to as NTC. Additionally, you can do the solo instance called Haramel right now as that became available to you at level 16. The yellow and dark blue quests will grant more EXP than the light blue quests (which you won't see until you "display low level quests"), but the light blue quests are often fun, out-of-the-way things to do too.

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Hello and welcome to Aion


As @Vantheria-DN just said, you need to have enable the show low lvl quests, and you will find 3 kind of quests

1.- Yellow quests, these are the campaing quests and will give you a lot of exp, these quests will be activated automatically

2.- Dark blue quests, these are important quests, if you dont have any other yellow quests to do, you can do these quests to lvl up fast.

3.- Light blue quests, these quests are not important, but you can do them if there is nothing else to do


Each yellow quests will tell you which map you should be, as you said you are lvl 20 and at that lvl you should be 

Poeta 1 - 10 lvl

Verteron 10 - 20 lvl

Eltnen 20 - 30 lvl

Heiron 30 - 45

Theobomos 45 - 50 lvl

Inggison 51 - 55 lvl

Cygnea 55 - 65 lvl

Illuma 66 - 75 lvl


You wont find any campaing quest at Theobomos, all you have to do are dark blue quests until you reach lvl 51


As final advice, join a legion, so that you have people who can teach you each of the different things you can do in the game


Welcome to Aion and good luck on your adventures 

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