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Important attack speed of sorc


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I used to think attack speed without wow is useless and not noticeable

Today I bought an Apollo orb and fuse with laby I test 2 orbs against each other in dummy the crit spell different between old ac orb and new Apollo orb is 200 crit spell
You don't need to guess who wins the fight yes the attack speed ac orb won the fight even with less 220 crit spell

It changed my viewing of stats priority and attack speed from now I'll choose BM orb even I'll lose 50 mbs 50 ma or even 100 crit spells in favor for attack speed.
I haven't test this on SM and Bard but I made my decision already I'll pick attack speed over the stats,I'll farm BM weapons now so glad I did tested them :)

Thank you for reading hope this info will help you cya :)

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