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Create alternate names for current classses in Aion


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Me and my friend were having fun for creating alternate names for classes in Aion

Here's some of our ideas

Gladiator - Berserker/Warrior/Maximus/Fighter

Templar - Crusader/Holy Knight/Paladin/Highlander

Ranger - Sniper/Hunter/Cheap Shot/Sagittarius

Assassin - Agent/Spy/007/Stalker

Gunner - Cannoneer/Hitman/Rocket Man/Rebel

Cleric - Bishop/Pope/Missionary/Preacher

Chanter - Enchanter/Buffer/Hacker/Jedi Master

AT - Metal Gear/Gundam/Magitek/A.I

SM - Sage/Professor/Fear Master/Pet Carrier

Sorc - Force Master/Nuke/Glass Cannon/One Shot

SW - Bard,Rocker,Singer,Screamer

These names just made for jokes and for fun what about ur ideas ? :)

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Here's the internal class names (CAPITAL letters) in Aion:

ARTIST    Muse / Artist
ASSASSIN    Assassin
BARD    Songweaver / Bard
CHANTER    Chanter
CLERIC    Priest
ELEMENTALIST    Spiritmaster
ENGINEER    Technist / Engineer
FIGHTER    Gladiator
GUNNER    Gunslinger / Gunner
KNIGHT    Templar
MAGE    Mage
PRIEST    Cleric
RANGER    Ranger
RIDER    Aethertech
SCOUT    Scout
WARRIOR    Warrior
WIZARD    Sorcerer

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