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Grand Gold Arena Infinite Queue Time


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I do believe there's some issue with the matchmaking/queue system and it's snowballing. I remember that when the 6v6 grand arena first came out, there were a lot of premade teams in queue. The next weekend, I know of about the same number of premade teams who decided to queue, but then gave up because the time was too long. Every weekend that the queue system is broken, the queue gets longer and longer. 

I don't think it's a matter of people, but people do give up on queuing because the wait takes too long, and so it makes the queue take even longer. I think that once NCSOFT fixes the ranking system, we'll be able to fully see how many teams queue for grand arena. 

It's pretty disappointing, though, because one of the main reasons I stayed to play was because in 5.6 the grand arena 6v6 seemed fun. Now it's basically broken Q.Q


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