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AFK Canyon


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If you don't acquire 4k points, you will not finish the quest which gives the items we need to purify our PvP sets. It is very possible to get 4k points and lose, if everyone plays. Because of this I have zero idea why people go in there with the express purpose of afking. The weirdest part is some of the "pro" PvPers do it. Never even move from the spot where they zoned in.

We all know that afkers happen. Quick queue into any PvP instance or go to siege (which is essentially one big quick queue) and you have only yourself to blame if half your group afks. In Evergale, though, you can make a full premade with the clunky tools available to us and still end up with 50% of the League afk. There really needs to be a better way to do this.

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