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 I never played AION before and I hope someone can enlighten me.

I like how songweaver works, although there are so many patches and I don't know how good/bad it is atm. Should I keep leveling it? I aim for some sort of support class

How do I gear up for endgame? Is it through crafting, tokens or dungeon drops? Do I need to level a profession?

Is there a paywall for endgame? I'm okay about buying some NCoins for some "conveniences"

Thank you :)

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Songweavers are a very strong class.  If you like the class you should continue to play it.  There is no need to worry if its a bad class because it is not.  You get free gear at level 10, 55 and I think 65.  There are a few end game gears available.

End game PVE gear options.  Best being master harvester's set

Master Harvester Obtained by purifying(upgrading) the Harvester or Apollon items.  In order to purify you will need to obtain a specified amount of Harvester's Equipment Soulstone. The soulstones drop in the 12 Player dungeon Bastion of Souls off the first and last boss. The last boss drops harvester items.
Harvester Items can be obtained by defeating the last boss in Bastion of Souls.
Apollon Items drop from bosses in the 6 Player dungeon Cradle of Eternity or Trials of Eternity. You can also purchase this gear from NPCs in the main town of Norsvold or Illuma. You will need the required material to purchase.  Golden Wing Marks and the lesser tier apollon item.  The lesser tier apollon item has the exact name but has no manastone sockets. 


Harvester and Apollon items are soul bound on equip so they  are tradeable and can be purchased with kinah from the trade broker.  Harvester's Equipment Soulstone can also be obtained via from the Broken Hearts event that NCSoft is currently running but it is not a guaranteed prize.

Golden Wing Marks are also tradeable and can be purchased with kinah from the trade broker.


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I suppose another way is to buy the level 70 PVE Royal Archon Sentinel's set with Spinel Coins or purify(upgrade) it to the level 75 version with more Spinel coins.  Or you can purchase the level 70 or 75 version with kinah off the trade broker. Then when you are ready you can upgrade that PVE set into the level 80 PVP set. 

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On 2/19/2018 at 5:13 PM, Sarafano-KT said:

How do you farm kinah? Is it through dungeons, crafting or grinding?

A good way to make kinah ,is to run dungeons and sell the rewards to other people or broker,or extract your armors/weapons to get crafting items that can be sold for kinah too.

Also some dungeons drop item used for enchanting gear,they are called supplements.By selling these ,you can make good money.You can't sell too many though,there is a set limit for

how much you can sell per week,I believe it's around 120 mil kinah ( includes items ,trash ,etc).

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