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My feeling about 6.0 and beyond


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At first I heard about 6.0 news I was like everyone else happy hope and thought 6.0 was like revolution.However the more news I heard about 6.0 the less paradise it become.Transform into monsters to get attack/cast running speed and removed attack/cast running speed from armors and nerfed from weapons isn't right.

Back when 4.8 patch launched I both have love and hate for this patch,The loving part is skills change introducing ORB an instance where everyone can farm money,good gears and not require youtube to do it,The hating part is why ORB need to be in enemy map,removed maps,instances from 3.0 era.Somebody explained that removing maps because the map was empty and they want every map to be populate.Well I have to politely disagree with this.Let say Russia is a big country with most population live in Europe zone and far east is mostly empty but does Russia wanna giveaway or destroy these lands.No they try to populate it by giving free lands to Russian that move to far east.I think same a lot of map in Aion does not show that the game is empty,it's just vast world to explore for Aion.They should think how to populate these maps not destroy them and say our game is populated because no where else to go.

My favorite patch of all time is 3.0 because it's not just new skills new gears new instances patches,it introduced Housing and Atreia Atlas,in my opinion housing give something non combat for players to enjoy and relax and I believed Atlas was the system that make people do instances in lowbie zones to get a special reward such as DC for plastic surgery yet it packed with newbie's friendly instances.Housing could be update and expand but they never did this all they did was added stuff in BCM.

Back to 6.0 how do I feel about it ? I feel like it's another 4.8 patch it will be both love and hate by me I love new exp,skills but for everything else I hate it.I need another patch that revolution like 3.0 not just 3 basic things new skills,new gears,new instances what it could be ? it could be farming system let you rise animal to be pet,minon or mount,farming your craft materials or fishing in your own farm,farm could be instanced and bigger farm could be in poeta or anywhere like housing.Mount racing contest or sports like tennis golf or snowboard for exp,kinah or quna.

If I can do next patch myself what I would do ? I'll let balaur wins and everyone teleport to alternate timeline where we went back to 4.0 we tells Kahrun what Berita will do maybe even side with Tiamat and prevent Berita destroyed the lands and start rebuild everything from there.

If Aion can't separate itself in the loop of new skills,new gears,new instances time to seek and give a new game a chance.

Anyway thank you for reading and sorry if some people ain't please with this post.


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I also have my reservations regarding 6.0 and a lot of things I think I will not like at all. However...

1 hour ago, Neleth-KT said:

They should think how to populate these maps not destroy them and say our game is populated because no where else to go.

They cannot just force people to come play the game. They can't pull a population out of thin air. The game is not very populated anymore. There are just too many maps for how many players we have left. That's the reality. It sucks, I agree, but that tends to happen to most (most, not all) games after 9 years.

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