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How big is AION to download from zero?

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My current Speed is really bad, so I'm trying to go to a cyber cafe to download the last patch, (8.2 GB)...

Patch v. 184
I don't know if it is better to do a full download and use a couple of USB flash memory, or take my desktop CPU to the CyberCafe...
It says it will take 300 hours to update... that's 12 days and few hours...
Problem is that, every thursday the server updates and change the patch version, hence the counter resets and starts over with almost the same amount of data to download...

I started with 8.2 gb, now 2nd week trying to download it says 7.4 GB, and last time I had already downloaded almost 4 gb... you can imagine my surprise when I found out that it resetted the download and had to start all over again almost from 0!!! 


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Last patch was what, like 2 GB? But really, if your connection is that slow, playing may be a problem. Even over a satellite ISP the full game takes only about 4 hours to download and a patch just a few minutes. If your connection is slower than that, it has to be either satellite and you've exceeded your data allowance for the month or, dial up and, playing in either case is not going to be good. Lag death imminent, I fear. Bad enough with full speed satellite and the latency but slowed, I can't even imagine playing if I ever use all of my 150 GB allowance in a month.

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