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So none of my friends have ever played gunslinger so i have been kinda winging it on my own but im lost and what kind of setup im ment to have and how im ment to do things i need some guidance, i have both cannon and pistols and these are the 2 setups i have, please any advice would be helpful


Pistols loadout



Cannon loadout




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What Neleth said. Way easier if you had all skills in one setup. As a Gunner, you need to change between Pistols and Aethercannon a lot during a fight.

Pistol Setup:

  • You dont need to have Direct Shot bound in there (unless you somehow weave it).
  • Stable stance/Rapidfire Deluge doesnt need to be there. Just have it on 24/7 during an instance or something.
  • Wingclip, move it somewhere else.
  • Mana Treatment... you dont need it at all. You have the Crosstrigger chain.

Cannon Setup:

  • Get rid of Siege Cannon, move it somewhere else.
  • Move Aerial Fury somewhere else.
  • Move Aetheric Bombardment somewhere else.
  • Watery Grave, I guess if you use it a lot, you can have it there, but, move it somewhere else as well.

With that said, merge both quickbar setups. There, you wont have to swap quickbars anymore. Maybe use the ; key to rest instead of the action. Also, remember you can enable more quickbars in the options menu. Just look for the "Floating Quickbar" options. You can change their shape and everything. In my case, I have stuff like the Homeward Bound skill, consumables, away from the main quickbar. Also, you dont have Remove Shock bound anywhere in your quickbar, I would add it, maybe bind a key for it as well (unless you are just low level).

Now about your stigmas, I noticed you dont have Haemorrhage Shot, but that could just be because of your level.

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