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Accessing Character Model?


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Hi everyone, 

I'm not sure if this is the correct place to ask this. Forgive me if it is not. 

I spent quite some time working on the appearance of a character but I forgot to save it before starting the game. I was wondering if there is a way to still access the files for that model design. I kinda wanna use it as a base future characters I might make. 

Thank you!

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Did you create the character?

If you did, go to Pandae/Sanctum, go to the character modification NPC (angelic frippery(?) shop in Sanctum in the back and in the shops outside the fancy pants Vandahal(?) district in Pandae), and you should have an option to save your character appearance, so you can use it.

If you didn't, you're potato'd. :(



Bryos's way is probably 20bazillion times easier, lol.

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It is not saved automatically. If you close your client in the character creation without creating the character, no way to recover those settings.

There is one way to save your character however. Doing Shift + Print Screen will take a screenshot, but also save your character's body/face settings. From character creation, you can save and access these files. It ill apply the saved settings to your character in creation and you can work on it even further.

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