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So searched the forums here, can't find any threads giving me any good guidance.

Currently when I click the 'Expand' button in the warehouse UI, I get a warning message like; 'this npc cannot expand past lvl 5' I've went to all the various main towns trying different NPCs, with no luck. I have found that making a profession to the expert level will gain me 1 bar, but there are around 6 or so rows still blocked off for me. Is it a level issue, as I am only lvl 38 atm.

Too many mats horded aside from creating new toons I'm stuck on what to do.

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Extra rows are just there. If you did the expert crafting quest and maxed out from the NPCs, you cannot go further. There are BCM tickets which allow you to go further, but they are quite pricey.

Dont despair though, there are several other options:

- Expanding your own inventory. Can be done with kinah. After a point, it will ask for Expansion Coins, from BCM (I believe it was reasonably priced).

- Pack Pets: Pets that have inventory rows. Pets with the same amount of slots will share them, so dont get two of the same.

- Cabinets: Can be placed in your studio/house. Similar system to pets, but with an additional twist. There are different types; simple, convenient, etc. And each has different amount of rows. Only cabinets of the same type and amount of rows share storage.

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