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"Friend" Chat Channel


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Just like in some old style MMOs, you could talk to all friends on your friend list in a separate channel, just like legion chat.

It will be much easier to form instance runs if you don't want to put it on LFG and asking every single friend online is tedious.

Also common friends can talk to each other so there is something apart from legion chat and LFG chat you can troll have a nice conversation.

And for people who's in a solo legion/legionless like me, it will be a nice feature to have in game.

NCSoft: We hear your words and they are much appreciated. We will forward that to our dev team and hopefully this feature will be added in future patches.



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8 hours ago, Nyinu-KR said:

I think this still works. (Ignore the question about doing it for your legion. A couple of post bellow gives you the instructions for a private channel.)


Used it years ago. The first person to login creates the channel and then everyone logs into it. Not sure if it still works though.

Thank you but not very close to what a friend chat should be. You'll need to invite people to join or they can't see you talking. Also there are limits same as public channels (LFG/trade etc) like you can only talk once every 30 seconds and it's very annoying. Imagine your legion chat having this limit you don't even want to use it any more.

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