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Having FPS caped at 25/30

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Some days ago, I made a post here where I thought I was having problems with my NVIDIA Panel. But, after really understanding the problem, I can really tell what's happening.

It looks like I got a w10 update on 20 and 25 of July. So, since this last date, I've been having a problem where my FPS is caped at 25. My gpu is working normally, but I won't get the amount of FPS I would normally get (which would be from 60-75).

Probably, it's some w10 config that has changed, but I can't figure out what it is. I already looked on the internet, and some other folks are getting the same problem as mine, but with other games.

These are the things I already done, but either didn't  work or it worked just for a couple of minutes/hours (problem would come back after I restarted the notebook or even during game):

1- Turned off V-sync on Nvidia Panel and on Aion's config.

2- Turned off DVR from XBOX,and all other streaming options. Turned off Gaming Mode.

3- Selected High-Performance Graphics Processor on Nvidia Panel for Aion.bin and Aion Launcher.

4- Turned off Battery Boost option on Nvidia Geforce Experience. Also turned off the streaming options on Nvidia experience program.

5- Checked the Battery Options on my notebook (I only play Aion with the power cable connected, so that my GPU can be turned on) and put it to high performance.

6- Checked Windows Defender and had it all turned off. Reconfigured my antivirus program too.

7- Tryed using different Compatibility Modes on Aion Launcher (Windows 7, 8 and XP).

Tryed some more stuff, but coudn't get a solution. If you guys have any idea what could be done about it, let me know. My hope is that nvidia realease a driver soon, so that this problem can be fixed.

Btw, these are my notebook specs:

W10 1803 version, i7 7700HQ processor, 16gd DDR4 2400mhz, gtx 1050 ti.


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So I THINK what I'm about to say might be in number 3 of your list, but I'm not at home to look at my Nvidia Geforce Experience panel. When I first started playing Aion, I was capped at 30fps. I had to go into my Nvidia panel and turn off/on a setting that allowed it to go above 30fps. I know that's not helpful since I can't remember where the setting was in the panel, but it might ring a bell for you to know if you've already done that.

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So once again, I am checking this forum while I'm not at home. Lol fail on my part! But I did some googling, and the simple step taken in this video seems familiar to me. I think this is how I did it.


That said, I also found another video in which the person did something else, so I'm going to link that too in case it helps.

EDIT: Never mind on the second video. I see you already tried it. I'll leave it for anyone else who stumbles upon this thread though.

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