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Carbine Studios and Wildstar to Shut Down

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Meanwhile you're cheering for what NCSoft has been doing to Aion since 4.7. It obviously isn't working.

It's not like I want Aion to die, but NCSoft has been doing shit and it's time I spoke up. And you're just sitting and praying like that skeleton like it's all fine.

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Is all you do is whine? Go play your real Aion already and leave us in peace.

You literally have no idea what I've been doing or saying for years, or how hardcore I've ripped into NCsoft for their decisions, or even the utterly scathing messages I've sent both Hime and Cyan on decisions made in NA. I nyerking hate everything from 4.8 on, and I've said so. Multiple times. MULTIPLE times. 

But guess nyerking what? The patch itself isn't changing, and no amount of whining and crying and gnashing our teeth is going to change that. We either get the new patch, or this Aion dies. All these people taking a break grow less and less likely to come back the longer NCsoft delays the patch in NA. The playerbase here is dropping. 5.8 has been out for too long, and now EU, for the first time, is getting a (complete) patch before we are.

What you're asking for is maintenance mode, and that's where MMOs, like Wildstar, go to die.

And I've been playing EU PTS. It's not as bad as you're fretting over. The story is still there. Everything is just more efficient, so you don't do ten quests to get a level at the low levels. 

So, seriously, kindly go leave for your Aion paradise and leave us alone. We're ready to do something else, even if you aren't, and games change. The low level change I've played so far is much more enjoyable than current mode. I'll see how high-level is this weekend.



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Okay, I guess I misunderstood you, so I apologize for that. Because you kept digging at my complaints like you were supporting their decisions all along.

I do want new updates, but not by changing the entire game I used to like. As a returning player, while I want a breath of fresh air, I also return for nostalgia. If I wanted an entirely new game I would have gone to an entirely new game.

So fine, good luck and enjoy the game in the future.

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