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Experiment: Regular and Shining/Glowing Enchantment Stone Success Rates (no sup)

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Please see all my test attempts and commentary in the following Google spreadsheets:

Part 1: Low grade Enchantment Stones ("Enchantment Stone") on Adma / TTC (L68), no supplements

Part 2: Mid grade stones (Shining / Glowing Enchantment Stones) on Frostforged (L71), no supplements

How to read the spreadsheets:

The top part of each sheet represent the exact outcome for enchantment of every piece of gear. The entire journey of each gear piece are presented in each column:

  • The outcome (+1, +2, or failure) of every enchantment attempt made to them.
  • The item slot (chest, pants, feet, shoulders, gloves, shield) and gear type (weapon, cloth, leather, chain, plate)
  • When gear is broken due to enchantment failure, how many Chronos or Eternity stone received from it.

The middle part of each sheet contains the summary of enchantment success rate, starting from each level tested.

The bottom left part of each sheet is the probability of getting +1 or +2 for each successful enchantment attempts. The commentary are in the bottom right part.


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