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Is sm at peta playable at 6.2 ?


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Fresh interns for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PeTA) recently learned about people calling themselves "Spirit Masters" in something called "Aion" and that these people manipulated "spirits" for personal gain, such as using them for combat, as shields against attack, and even merging with them to increase their power. 

Confused but simultaneously outraged, PeTA immediately issued a press release stating that they were staunchly against "Spirit Masters" and that they believed "spirits" were entitled to the same rights as all living things. When pressed for more information by reporters, a spokesperson for PeTA said, "I think Spirit Masters are appalling!" When reporters told him that Spirit Masters were fictitious characters in a computer game, the spokesperson mumbled something about "...leaving the oven on at home..." and quickly disappeared.

Reporters then reached out to NCSoft about PeTA's protests against their game. Initially quiet about the matter, a spokesperson for NCSoft by the name of Cyan finally responded, saying, "I'm unaware of any grievances that PeTA has against us at this time. I'll have to speak with corporate and get back to you on that." When asked when he might have answers for them, Cyan sighed and said, "NCSoon."

TLDR: 9_9

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