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Quest Turn in Bugged


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They should be more clear. If I could share a pic I would show you where I was looking. They made it seem like you click the reward, instead of a button labeled reward. My focus on was the actual Quest Box. I didn't know you hit a special button to bring up the same quest log only you can then now click the reward.   Thanks, man.

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32 minutes ago, 5s1EFE3F-DN said:

Is this bug fixed? Because I have many unfinished quest and I have to grind my way to get new quests

I don't think there was any actual bug. The OP wasn't clicking the correct spot in order to turn in the quest. (The correct button is on the J window at the bottom. It will read "reward" or "bounty".)

What is your situation?

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1 hour ago, 5s1EFE3F-DN said:

I'm sorry, this is my mistake. I found another topic where this was a discussion and it explained the same you just did.

I really wasn't looking at right place, now I see these buttons at the bottom of quest screen. This helped, thanks

Np. Glad you found what you were looking for!

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