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Transformation system.


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As expected, I'm really not a fan of the new transformation system (which has basically took away what we had by default using scrolls, buy okay...). Anyways I have a few questions.

1. Is there no other way to get transformation contracts besides the weekly pouch in gold sand shop?.

2. Where do we get potions then? I'm running out of those I got from some dungeon runs and exchanges, and it feels so cancer to use stat-less, ugly white contract (the one I got from weekly pouch) for everything. I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels this way. So, we're forced to use those until we get enough to try combining them or what??

3. Where can we get Transparent scrolls in game? (for those who don't know - It lets you hide the appearance of transformation). I saw those only in BCM lol. I'd prefer to look at my character, instead of penguin/skeleton/pirate etc back. It smells.

And, for the record; I honestly think that Transparent scrolls should be sold for symbolic price in game - since it doesn't make any sense to me, am I expected to pay money just to be able to look at my character?  :/ 


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15 minutes ago, Lutien-KT said:

This is the only feature in 6.2 I really didn't like much. I think this will come into something P2W in the near future too.

But maybe it is just us getting kicked away of our comfort zones. Maybe it just need time to get used to the new mechanics.

Idk it feels like it made things complicated. The only thing I like about new system, is that it gives mixed stats. For example some classes need both attack speed and casting speed, now it's possible.

Running without scroll and with removed speed buff stats from the boots... Feels like a snail crawling. So slow it hurts. Whenever I'm not fighting and just minding my business in the fortress or town, I'm searching for the speed scroll button automatically but then I remember they're gone lol.

Basically we're forced to use potions/contracts whenever we need a speed buff. I have a mount but it's not always convenient, considering that the game removes it in certain places.

They should have given everyone at least 1 green contract for free. :|

9 minutes ago, waffles-DN said:

luna gives you the transparent scrolls and you can get an ancient transformation contract from this current event

That's nice to know, ty

8 minutes ago, Bryos-DN said:

I cant answer 1 because I havent explored the whole patch yet.

2) They also drop from mobs in Lakrum.

3) Luna gives them. The weekly chest in Contaminated Underpath gives you 10. It was also on my workshop. 

Alright then. Will check it out, thank you.  I still think that it's probably not enough, but we will see.

When I was questing though, I don't remember getting any potions from the mobs?... Or maybe I didnt notice, idk.

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So I came back to the game to try out the new stuff and it was pain full with out speed buff... don't think ill ever make a new char again in this game, and im not a fan of this transformation stuff and if luna is one of the few ways to transformation at low lvls is way over price like a lot of other stuff on the bcm, whos willing to pay $80 for a hand full of lunas… and the cost of luna item ingame it just nuts

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