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Hi guys, Returned player and Daeva set question!


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I am a returned player, I will not play for more than a year.

Now I have seen a lot of people, low level, with very cool white armor, so I created a new character and when I finished the mission of "Ascendion" I received the white set so cool (and op for low levels) .

I have several characters at levels 40 when I played for more than a year, so I did not receive this set, my question is: Can I receive this set in those 40 level characters? As? o Do I have to start over to receive them?


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No. But you do receive a pretty nifty upgraded set later on. The first quest in Enshar (Asmodian) or Cygnea (Elyos), gives you a rather nice +10 set with full manastones for your class. You also get two +10 weapons! So just level a bit more on those level 40s.

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