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attributes and timing of transformations

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attributes and timing of transformations (US, Korean, Chinese ... of all other Aion servers)




in all other servers any transformations (be it normal or legendary or ultimate) had a minimum time of 10 minutes, besides the attributes are much better than the Aion NA. the question is why did you change the attributes of the transformations and the time?

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Why? It's simple... the transformation was broken and many ppl, including me, were quite worried about it. NC reduced the times and stats to make it more balanced so the guy who spends $$ doesn't have as big advantage as it would be with original settings.

And I do like the change NA made to it

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  • 2-star and 3-star transformations got +10% movement speed boost
  • 4-star transformation got +5% movement speed boost
  • Attack speed and cast speed on 3 star and above transformations reduced
  • All other stats got cut into half
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