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Templar in 6.2 can not survive


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Playing with high ping means you play a ranged class, or a chanter at most for melee. I play at 600-80 ping due to satellite internet, No Glad, Temp, Cleric or, Assassin for me because of my ping. Chanter an Aethertech are a bit challenging, Scorc, SM, Ranger, Gunner all easy to play with high ping.

Limitations of high ping - we CANNOT weave well at all, might get 3 skills off in the time a low ping player gets 5 off - that makes weaving nearly out of the question. Learn to work with your latency, you may need an uncommon rotation to make it work and, try a ranged class. NO HEALING - we lag 1/2 a second on average and, that would get teammates killed if we were the healers.

When your location limits your internet option, all you can do is work with what you can get and, do you best to play something that works while not being a major hindrance to friends and group members.

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