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Assassin offhand


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1) We know that offhand used to give only 10% more attack pre 6.0 with manastones adding their full value.

1a) This hasn't changed in 6.0 and as such, the effective gain from running a new offhand is only 200-400 more physical attack.

1b) Side effect of running two new weapons are a significant loss of speed 1.1->1.6 unless purple in which case it's 1.1->1.4 for a seemingly minor gain.

2) Godstones have been removed and are unusable in 6.0+

2a) Godstones still work on old weapons

2b) ... troll with godstone in offhand?

2c) 19% attack speed still applies to old weapons where as you need red for the same on new ones

How much is 250-400 more physical attack anyways? Is it potentially viable to use an old offhand all the way until red?



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1) offhand gives almost full damage when auto attacking (98% average damage for Assassins, 87.5% average damage for Glads and Rangers)

1a) auto attacks are now effected from the new PhysicalPowerBoost (physical attack) stat - every 10 net PhysicalPowerBoost over enemy PhysicalPowerBoostResist (physical defense) = +1% weapon damage

1b) Attack skills only counts your skill base damage and your net PhysicalPowerBoost

2) Godstones cannot be socketed into new gear

2a) Godstones still work on old weapons, but will never proc against level 76+ players in pvp because of new passive skill that gives 35% godstone suppression. They will work against Lakrum monsters though.

b) with godstones having only half proc rate in offhands, it'll be impossible to break through that 35% godstone suppression

c) Yes, but you will miss out LOTS of PhysicalPowerBoost. New weapons have lots of PhysicalPowerBoost. Monsters have lots of PhysicalPowerBoostResist (Middle Lakrum common monsters have over 8k PhysicalPowerBoostResist)

400 physical attack will add:

  • (base weapon damage * 0.4) extra damage when auto attack in each hand.
  • (skill base damage * 0.4) extra damage with attack skills
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