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????Questions marks instead fonts


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Thought Kailor-DN is right at start but then I looked closely to the screenshots and I seen myself to my own game as well that are too many ''question marks'' all around even in places that are not related to the items (old items) and I concluded it's a bug for sure! I search more about the problem and found out solution: yes need to apply File Repair but only after deleting the ''L10N'' folder entirely from the game folder!

Thank you so much Ana Bessa for your youtube post!



Note: I came back to game after a long break and I used a little trick to speed up the game installation:

(I use to save all the time files for backup so I had the game full already on a HDD)

1. - I start the game installation then stop it right after about 1 min

2. - I copy/paste the game folder entirely then start the installation again => the installer will only needing to add some updates but still will need few hours depends of the system capacity

The trick was working but one little detail I didn't count: the old folder was installed on another computer and from here might come my ''question marks errors''

3 - I used again the installer now for repairing the 'L10N' folder thanks to Ana Bessa advice

The game is working now perfectly! (sorry got no screenshots but I assure this working)



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