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Extendables aren't needed anymore ?


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Not playing melee classes now, but i can think a few reasons.

1- with good legendary boots and a good ancient contract is enought to be faster than previous patches and close the distance to your targets more easily.

2- Some skills now can be used in movement, so it easier to maintain a close range to your target,

3- Glads are OP a lot more than before, blink and you are out.


Anyways Extendable weapons only comes from a World boss that spawns each 72-80 hours and you have to fight against the enemy faction, and roll against another 192 players in your legue,  also can drop weapons for any class so not every weapon will be extendable aaaand from all the times we killed it in KT Elyos i have never seen a Ultimate drop, just crappy legendary. So i will say just forget about extendables till patch 6.5 maybe NCwest will put an event or something.


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For Gladys, they removed the overpowered dp moves, but many moves hit harder and zerk has lower cooldown now.  As far as the Need for range, with a very damaging ferocious chop, with 20 sec cd or something, dashing stigma with very high damage and daevanion cleave tottally overpowered,  extendables arent really needed. Watch many youtube vídeos of arena pvp and you will see. You can say thats not easy to get some of those skills as new player, but to get extendables wouldnt be easy either. 

Still, dont think your going to beat sms and sws unless you outgear them.

Im not talking about templars because no one cares.

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