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A few Bugs with 6.2


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There are a lot of items in the game these days that don't work or do what they originally did, especially with the new 6.2 patch.  Some examples would be:


  • All the Hearthblooms from the seasonal Shugos (They give items that no longer are usable in the game and just NPC for 1 kinah)
  • Tons of the old pets   (Lots of the feed rubbish items to pets for an item just don't even give items in return anymore)
  • Sleeping Wejabobo (Quest Item) still exists and can be summoned. There are other old Quest items from previous patches that still are in the game taking up space that you can't discard

Text Issues:

  • General Merchants have Scrolls under General Items and General Items under Scrolls tab
  • Hovering over a new Accessory or Weapon only shows the comparison to main hand/left side equipped items
  • Text gets cut off some items/gear. For example Lakrum Protector's Gear has text that reads "Expansion possible wit..." after the "Expand Mana..." Line. This also effects alot of the older gear in the game along with new gear with higher stats.



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