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Cloth Skill


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I assume you're under level 10? You receive the ability to wear a different type of gear after you level up, however if after level 10 you still can't it means your class is just not able to use cloth gear. The only classes that can use ATM are sorc, sm and songweaver. Other classes use different types of armor.

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3 minutes ago, Rostella-KT said:

No, I am a returning player. A lvl 53 Cleric. So, Cleric class can’t use cloth gear at all?

No, with the 6.2 update, each class wears their respective armor

sorc/sm/sw --> cloth only

assassin/gunner/ranger --> leather only

cleric/chant/AT(at is changed to plate in 7.0) --> chain only

templar/glad --> plate only

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