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Can we take a moment to complain about this too?


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Selective retuning seems just a bit overpriced atm.  It it was 5 luna per reroll(equivalant to korean rate) you would make more money off people getting rubbish stats rerolling to get perfect ones than you would if someone did it once or twice to get decent stats at 120 luna.

In korea ultimate retuning it's just 7 cents per reroll

2$ for an ultimate piece of armor per reroll of stats and not guaranteed to be 100% perfect.


1$ for a legendary piece of gear even though that is a complete waste of money.


50 cents per reroll on ancient gear which is an even bigger waste of money.


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3 minutes ago, Eshilia-EK said:

@HealingSquid-KT Can you not answer in an idiotic way, retuning price is defenitely something to correct. And no, I don't even have prestige.

Keep licking that feet and ignore everything and anything, you will se how the game dies in a flash.

There is a thread about this issue on the front page. Was the whole ABSURD re-tune prices not a good enough thread to post in?

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