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Damage of Turrets in Luna Daily

The Secret Cow Level

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Contaminated Underpath / Hell Pass

Single Fire Cannon / Rapid Fire Cannon (1 Bright Aether) - Successive Shooting / Repeated Shot

  • 14000 fixed damage
  • 30m range
  • Fires once every 3 seconds approximately
  • Single target

Area Antiaircraft Gun / Artillery (2 Bright Aether) - Bombing / Bombardment

  • 25000 fixed damage
  • 20m range
  • Fires once every 7 seconds approximately
  • Fireball (circle) AOE with 4m radius, hits up to 5 enemies

Single Shot Aethercannon / Powerful Aether Cannon (2 Bright Aether) - Electric Shock

  • 44000 fixed damage
  • 20m range
  • Fires once every 4 seconds approximately
  • Single target
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I find the Area Antiaircraft to be clunky at best, I had it targeted at some point to see if it works, it might have hit like 4~5 times during the whole instance. It either doesn't attack all mobs or it bugs and this was the same to before 6.2

I had the feeling the 2x 1-aether canon did a better job than the 1x 2-aether canon but according to this you always want to upgrade the big single canon if you can afford it and then if you are left with 1x aether only just use it to get one last 1-aether canon

P.S. thanks for this info

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