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Chanter advice!


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Ok here is my dilemma (and I'm sure many other classes have the same problem with the state of the game).

I am working on my pvp gear set.  I have all the pieces and have them enchanted to 8-13 for all the pieces.

As we all know the rates are abysmal.  I tried to enchant all my gear that were all 9's and they all I repeat ALL went back to 8.

So my question is should I be trying to make/buy Legendary Masterwork pieces in the meantime?

Should I work on weapon only first? Is upgrading to a Masterwork Legendary staff going to really help me a great deal?

Sadly kinah is not easy to get and getting items to proc from crafting is a joke so it seems lame to just say with full ancient not being able to do any damage to anyone (unless they are under geared).

Is a full set of Legendary masterwork gear way better than the ancient pvp gear?  It seems to have pretty good stats.

Lastly my accuracy even with buffs sits around 8k.  This seems low to me but other than socket accuracy 60 stones at 3-5million a pop I can't see how to raise accuracy to a place where I am not doing base damage?  Any ideas?  Maybe the Masterwork stuff because it seems to have a lot more accuracy?

Thought I would check this out before I quit.




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Hey, Olivia. :)

Yeah, if you can get a better staff, it will help a lot in both pvp and pve. Steez procced me an Ultimate Masterwork Conqueror staff and I put the BOS Legendary staff under it, and it has helped a lot. I only have two other pieces of Legendary (Gen Crys) gear for pvp; everything else is still Ancient (Gen Crys). So I feel your pain on those enchantment rates!

Regarding your accuracy, yes, that is too low for endgame pve -- Primeth's Forge and IDD. You will need 12.5k acc minimum to do those instances and not be a carry. That said, you can reach those numbers if you retune all of your gear and accessories -- including wings, bracelet, plume -- and weapon to have accuracy as one of the stats as well as socket Accuracy +41 stones. The +41 stones are a lot cheaper than the +60 usually. Also, as you get more Legendary (and eventually Ultimate) gear pieces, those will add more accuracy than any CoE pieces. If you aren't sure how to retune pieces, it's under the same window where you would socket manastones, enchant, etc. It costs kinah to retune. Also, don't forget to keep Word of Inspiration socketed as that will give you (and the rest of your group) 400 accuracy.

Regarding accuracy for pvp, it's not quite as important as in pve. You'll want more crit for pvp. Sadly, crit strike stones are more expensive than accuracy, so I feel your pain there too!


EDIT: A lot of people may just tell you to buy a bunch of crafted gear, but I did take note of your lack of kinah statement, so I don't want to tell you that lol. All we can do is hope that NCsoft fixes the horrible enchantment rates. :(

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