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Returning player class choice

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Good day everyone. It has been a while since I've played the game. Having a bit of a nostalgia fit, I decided to give it another go. I'd like some help choosing a class to play. Which is the most sought after? Last time I played, I saw quite a deficit of Templars - had to wait for quite a while. What is the situation right now? I've played a cleric before, was fun. Same with SM and sorc, but I'm open to play other classes. Thanks in advance.

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Templars aren’t sought after this patch, every instance is easily tankable by DPS and Templar DPS is a hindrance on a party unless they’re elite geared.

Glads are more sought after due to their higher DPS, but their DPS is bad until you gear at least full purple.

Good SW, Clerics, and Chanters are sought after this patch, but only if they’re not bad. Sorcs and SMs are easily the best DPS if you’re able to get daevonion skills, but they’re also extremely common.

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